Canopy TAI Engineers scope

Support only on virtualization layer. OS & above would not cover under this contract.

In scope:

• Service requests and provisioning
• Event management and response
• Server provisioning (Deployment or redeployment of systems) & decommissioning.
• Incident triage, investigation and resolution
• Infrastructure Management consisting of Compute, Storage, and Backup/Restore Services
• Coordinate recovery of vBlock hardware/software to a known/consistent state after failure.
• Backup and Restore functions
• Problem investigation, workaround, root cause analysis and resolution
• Daily/weekly checks

Out of scope:

• Operating Systems: Windows & Linux
• Core Network Management outside vBlock
• License Management
• Design change, Capacity planning, project management,
• Project activities
• Terminal Server Management including licenses
• Customer onboarding
• Procurement
• VMware Tools upgrade of Guest VMs
• Application availability

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