I cannot access my TAI systems via Atos Network because the proxy is blocking RDP connections

As TAI is a public cloud, it is per design only attached to the internet. Whether the proxy blocks rdp/ssh/ftp connections or not is not in our scope, the firewall / security teams are responsible for that.

In general it's possible that TAI will get Intranet access with a new TAI release in the future, but there's no timeline for that.

There are some customers which are using the "Atos Geschäftspartnerzugang". This is a VPN gateway on the Atos Intranet which you can connect to the VPN of your EDGE gateway. So you can connect from the Intranet -> VPN -> TAI Org to bypass any proxies/firewalls.

As the Geschäftspartnerzugang is not part of TAI, Users can't order it via Canopy Care.

How to configure VPN on org-network is described in the users guide: Link

vCloud Director User's Guide -> Managing Cloud Resources -> Managing Organization vDC Networks -> Configuring Oganization vDC Network Services

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