How to: Handle platform without supported web browsers available

When users are not able to use one of the supported web browsers and VMRC plugin is not working properly, there is another solution that can be used in order to connect to Canopy Trusted Agile Infrastructure. There is an interface functionality that can be used on any web browser.

In order to connect to your environment a significant NAT and Firewall rule has to be created, this method is called "Jump Server". For this reason you need to create one virtual machine that will run this functionality. Server will be available in configured protocols and ports as mentioned and created in your NAT and Firewall rules.

Next step is to establish connection between user's local computer and "Jump Server", the connection can be created by using the Remote Desktop Connection function. Once the connection to jump server is established users will be able to connect any other virtual machine inside the organization.

Note: Remember to create correct SNAT and DNAT rules with correct IP and port translation.

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