How to Add and Bind MySQL Services to Your Apps

While you need the command line to push applications, services can be added from the Web Console. Navigate to the space where you want to add the service and you will see the list of all your current applications and services. You can find the Add Service button to the top right of your Services list.

You will be redirected to the Cloud Fabric Marketplace, which will give you an idea of the services that are available for your applications. The list is consistently under expansion with new services and versions getting added to it on a regular basis. If you are looking for a MySQL database service, simply click on that item from the Marketplace menu.

On the following page you will be presented with your service options where you can select which one of service plans you want to use.

The free MySQL service plan, for instance, comes with the following features:

  • Not for production use - servers are not replicated
  • Shared MySQL server
  • 100 MB storage
  • 40 concurrent connections

Once you have selected your plan, you will be asked for the configuration settings for this particular instance of the service that you are starting. These include:

  • Instance Name – the name identifier of your service
  • Add to Space – the space where the service will be available
  • Bind to App – the app which will be using the service

When you click “Add” the service will be started and bound to an application if you chose to bind it to one. To confirm that, find it on the list of services in your space or navigate to the app that you bound the service to, and open the Service menu. The new service should be listed there. By clicking on “Show credentials” you can view service details such as:

  • HOSTNAME - the IP Address of the service
  • PORT
  • NAME
  • URI
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