How to: Check Administrator password for VMs from Public Catalog

All the available VM templates can be found in the vCloud Director Public Catalog named "Atos". What is more, other images located in "Compose" public catalog are modified to be used with Canopy Compose service.

VM login and Password should be always available in VM Properties in Description field (Right-click on VM -> Properties), if not please do the follow:


  1. Check Properties -> Guest OS Customization tab
  2. Check box "Enable guest customization"


Then please check that field "Auto Generate password" is selected. If yes - please change it to "Specify password" and type password yourself.


After you login and change password, please uncheck field "Enable guest customization".


Information below this filed is also important: "The computer name and network settings configured for this VM are applied to its Guest OS when the VM is powered on. The following settings are only applied the 1st time the VM is powered on or if "Power on and Force Recustomization" is performed: Change SID, Password Reset, Join Domain and Customization Script. Guest customization should not be enabled if the VM uses Guest Properties for customization."

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