How to: install the VMRC Plugin and what does it do

VMRC (VMware Remote Console) is a plugin, which is used in web browsers (working with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) that allows for direct connection to Virtual Machines from web browser window, without using any additional software. This plugin allows users to open a VM console in vCloud Director and use VM like Remote Desktop Connection.

Note: VMRC Plugin will work correctly only with supported web browsers. In other case VMRC plugin will show only black web browser window.

You use VMware Remote Console to connect remotely to the virtual machine's mouse, keyboard, and screen. This allows you to use them as if you have the guest operating system installed on your local computer.

VMware Remote Console is a browser plug-in that you can use with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

VMware Remote Console opens in a separate window. You can keep VMware Remote Console running even if you close your browser. You can open more than one console to interact with the operating systems of several virtual machines at the same time.

To use VMRC, your Web application must be able to load the VMRC browser plug-in. The VMRC browser plug-in is supported for use with Microsoft Windows XP or later, and the Linux operating system. The Windows version of the VMRC browser plug-in is only available as a 32-bit application. The VMRC browser plug-in for vSphere and vCloud Director has been tested with the following web browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 9 or later

 The following browsers are supported only when using VMRC with vSphere.

  • Google Chrome version 16 or later

Your Web application must use JavaScript to make use of the VMRC API.

VMRC is supported by all vSphere 5.1 and ESX configurations.

The newest version of VMRC Plugin is always available here


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