This Blueprint will install a SQL server (using MySQL) on CENTOS 6.6.

Software Versions




Community 5.6.20

Blueprint Deployment

To deploy a blueprint please visit Deploying a Blueprint.

Ssh connection

To ssh into a machine, please visit Connecting to a Blueprint.

MySQL Scripts

You are able to submit scripts to the MySQL database using the web console.

To do this, expand your Blueprint and click on 'MySql Server' then the 'Effectors' tab.

'Invoke' the 'executeScript' command.

You can then input the SQL statement you wish to execute in the pop-up dialog box.

Then click the 'Invoke' button to execute the script. The next screen will show you the progress of your SQL command and when it has successfully completed.

Blueprint destroying

To destroy this blueprint please visit Destroying a Blueprint.


More Information

To find out more information on how to use MySQL please visit their website Here (opens in new window)

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