Getting Started with Your Atos Cloud Foundry Trial

Once your trial registration is complete and you have been granted access to your Atos Cloud Foundry trial, you will receive 2 emails.

The first will give you information about the Atos Cloud Foundry service and inform you that your 30 day trial has started. You will be provided with links to getting started articles such as this one, documentation, downloads and contact details, if you need any help with the product. The second email is a password reset for the service itself. Just click on the link in that email to reset your password.

Once you have set your password you will be able to log in to the Web Console. You can interact with the service using this web console or a command line interface, which you can download from the tools menu of the Web Console. You will need the command line interface to push your apps, so the last thing you need to do before being are ready to push your first app is to install that client.

To do this you can click on the tools menu on the Web Console which will give you several download options suitable for your operating system, as well as information on how to get started using the command line.

While logging in from the command line using the command “cf login”, you will be asked for an API endpoint, user name, password and optionally a space.

So, to login to the trial version of Atos Cloud Foundry, use the following:

  • API endpoint:
  • User name: the email address you registered
  • Password: the password you set after receiving the password reset email

Initially your organisation will have no spaces. They are created and managed by you. You can target a space either by logging in through “cf login”, or directly targeting it using “cf target –s name-of-your-space”.

Now you have everything you need in order to start using your Atos Cloud Foundry platform.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how easy it is to get started with the Atos Cloud Foundry trial and sign up here if you haven't do it yet!

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