TAI & Linux

All the available Linux VM templates can be found in the vCloud Director Public Catalogue named "Atos", you will find there the following images:
- RHEL 6.4
- SUSE 11

In case you are not able to find there an image you are looking for, you will be able to upload your own OVF/ISO images of any system to your private vOrg media catalogue.

RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) is a commercial Linux distribution for which a license key is required, in order to use it and perform its updates. Such a license can be acquired directly from RHEL Support(it is not included when purchasing TAI). You will be also able to find there the necessary help in case you have questions or issues with this Linux distribution.

In order to acquire RHEL you can go to the following location:
Once you have the desired RHEL image you can proceed with uploading it to your private media catalogue located in your TAI vOrg.

For the time being the option of Linux Support (licensing & configuration) is not available on TAI, however in case you are facing any issues with uploading VM images to your catalogue we will be happy to help you with those.

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