Current Blueprint Version: 1.0

Tomcat is an open source application management server for Java and is deployed on CentOS 6.5; an open source operating system.

The current versions of the software included in this blueprint are in the table below*




6.6 64bit


Blueprint Deployment

This sequence has been slightly shortened.

.war file deployment

To deploy a file we will be using an example application from the Brooklyn project. The link for this file is Here or if you wish to copy and paste:

By expanding the Tomcat application and selecting 'Tomcat Server', then on the 'Effectors' tab, then on 'Invoke' next to deploy brings up a dialog box allowing you to insert the url of the .war file to be deployed.

 Ssh connection

Blueprint destroying


<<< Any Known Bugs / fixes etc >>>



Q: I think my application may be broken, is there a demo application I can use to test the server ?

A: Yes, a good demo application is This is a hello world application with a small application for calculating prime numbers.
Or you can search the maven repository ( ) for something more specific.


*These may be subject to change without notice and; whilst every attempt has been made, may not be up-to-date


More Information

To find out more information on how to use Tomcat please visit their website Here (opens in new window)

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