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To aid in the use of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and therefore Canopy Cloud Fabric, Pivotal are creating a series of podcasts that outline key features.


Cloud Foundry Introduction

This podcast gives more detail about some of the underlying services in Cloud Foundry such as Operations Manager, without going in to too much technical detail.

The Cloud Fabric Operations Team handles both Operations Manager and Regional Availability. This means that Canopy handles the scaling and maintenance of the underlying Infrastructure as well as transferring your applications from one location to another, this can be either moving from or between physical datacentres or between IaaS providers without losing any applications.

Listen to the Episode 2 podcast:

 Download the Episode 2 transcript Here (.pdf)


Mobile Services

This podcast explains how Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and by extension Canopy Cloud Fabric, can aid deployment of mobile applications.

Listen to the Episode 6 podcast:

Download the Episode 6 transcript Here (.pdf)


Blue-Green Deployment

This podcast explains how companies, such as Canopy Cloud, updates software without causing any application downtime. This is known as Blue-Green deployment.

The Blue application is the current code whilst the Green application is the update. Whilst the current application (Blue) is running, a new version of the application (Green) is deployed and given a unique URL to allow testing. The original URL from the Blue application can then be assigned to Green and then the old version (Blue) can be stopped to allow Green to run under the original URL. This means that a new version has been pushed with minimal downtime to the application. Stopping Blue, rather than deleting it, allows the application to be rolled back if any major bugs or crashes with Green are found.

Listen to the Episode 9 podcast:

Download the Episode 9 transcript Here (.pdf)


What happens when I push an Application ?

This podcast gives some very useful information on what happens when you push an application to Cloud Foundry and how to optimize your application in order to save space. They also describe common mistakes and how to troubleshoot them.

Listen to the Episode 11 podcast:

Download the Episode 11 transcript Here (.pdf)


The importance of Logging

This episode details how important keeping a log of your application is and how you can achieve it on Cloud Fabric.

Listen to the Episode 12 Podcast:

Download the episode 12 transcript Here (.pdf)


Orgs, Spaces and Roles

Listen to the Episode 17 Podcast:

Download the episode 12 transcript Here (.pdf)


Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.4

Listen to the Episode 22 Podcast:

Download the episode 22 transcript Here (.pdf)


All the podcasts are available Here

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