What is the Status Page?

Each deployment of Cloud Fabric comes with a status page which allows you to view the status of your Canopy Cloud Fabric deployment and the operational status of the individual components.

The examples below are taken from the statuspage for the evaluation platform and can be found here.

The image below is from the status page for the Evaluation Platform. This image shows us that all systems are operational, both as an overview and the individual components.


The image below shows the System Metrics of the uptime of the deployment. The time scale can be adjusted to view by Day, Week or Month.


The image below shows the Past Incidents section of the StatusPage. Reports are generated on a daily basis. In this instance an issue was identified on September 23rd and resolved 25 minutes later.

To view further history of any past incidents encountered, click the ‘Incident History’ link at the bottom left of the page.



After clicking the link this will take you to a month-on-month view of any incidents.

To further view issues the Yellow Header can be clicked, this will take the user to a separate page where more information regarding the issue may be given.

The image below shows the further information page of ‘Problems with pushing apps’.


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