What is Canopy Trusted Agile Infrastructure?

With Trusted Agile Infrastructure Atos offers customers a secure and centrally hosted environment that meets the requirements of developers and users, yet addresses the needs of IT departments for production environments, and could also be used for other purposes, e.g. acceptance testing and training.

The capacity provisioned can be adjusted to the customers’ needs should they vary over time.

The immediate availability of infrastructure resources reduces service provisioning times significantly. This offers flexibility for test and development, reduces internal approval processes, and therefore cost in the development cycles.
TAI is targeted at customers who want:

  • A flexible environment that can be used for various purposes, like development, test, acceptance and training.
  • Easy self-management and responsive delivery
  • A highly standardized environment to ensure quality
  • Flexibility in processing hardware, storage and network in terms of how this capacity is used
  • Flexible adding or reducing capacity
  • Reduced investment compared to the customer dedicated hardware
  • Certified, compliant and secure environments eligible to their business processes.
  • All servers in a TAI environment are virtual machines. Standard access to the environments is via the internet. If the demand increases, a dedicated network connection is possible.


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