Blueprint Factory

The Blueprint Factory offers a service of creating environments and blueprints that you may wish to have available in the Compose self-service Catalogue that are not currently offered.

A use case for the Blueprint Factory is where you have a complete environment which you would like to be able to deploy on Compose – deploying the whole stack with as much setup and networking completed as possible. Rather than needing to manually set up individual machines and connect them together every time the system needs to be deployed again, the Blueprint Factory allows you to one click deploy the entire system in one go.

You will need to work together with our engineers and communicate clearly your requirements before we can setup the blueprint for you. This engagement will be charged for. Your system may include some components which we already have in our catalogue and some new components.By setting up your system in Compose through the Blueprint Factory you can take advantage of all the benefits that Compose offers - rapid and repeatable deployments, multiple cloud targets, PAYG pricing model and easy scaling.


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