How to: raise a support request for TAI?

The TAI platform has been designed as a complete self-service, which means that managing the infrastructure is done by its administrator (vOrg owner) and persons appointed by him/her. VMware provides a good Knowledge Base for the vCloud Director.

However, if you are facing problems related to the vCloud Director platform please raise a Support Ticket with Canopy Care.

In order to do so, please contact us:

via e-mail :

via one of our phone numbers: 

Australia +61 282784069
Brazil  +55 1138091177
France  +33 148115619
Germany  +49 6929993764
India  +91 2261875183
Italy  +39 0238591235
Malaysia  +60 382131605
Netherlands  +31 402957411
Poland  +48 525822613
United Kingdom  +44 2076600840
United States  +1 3106165351351


 !Important! When contacting us please provide the following information:

  • your Organization name
  • vDC name (optional)
  • names of affected vApps / VMs
  • problem description & screen shots

This will allow us to quickly find your organization in the system and determine the cause of your problems.


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